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School Services

Administering assessments for students in-district

In-Home Services

Services provided for students in their most natural setting

Learning Center

Center-based programming and Yoga at the Learning Center

Our Mission

APEX Educational Solutions, LLC, working in conjunction with school districts and their teaching staff, strives to maximize the independence of unique learners through highly individualized and creative teaching practices and programs, while focusing on promoting the mastery of specific skills pertinent to each learner.

We believe that all students can learn to their fullest potential and should have the opportunity to do so in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  Student learning is promoted through research-based teaching methodologies.  As school community members increase their skill sets, so will students, thus resulting in responsible citizens and lifelong learners who will be prepared for a variety of post-graduation options.

APEX cares!

Founded in 2016, APEX Educational Solutions is quickly becoming the premiere ABA provider in CT through on-going  quality of service and making a positive and unwavering sustainable difference in lives of our learners each day.  Whether we are working in your child’s school classroom, in your home, your community, or at our 13,000 sq. ft. Learning Center in Wallingford, we are built on a supportive, collaborative and learner-friendly culture that maximizes potential success.

prek autism center
prek autism center

We make ABA fun!

Our ABA teaching is largely based on play and naturalistic teaching opportunities.   Our approach is personalized to each learner and takes advantage of each learner’s unique experiences with specific attention on socialization and communication opportunities.  This style of teaching typically ensures more engagement from the learner as it provides them more control over their toys and activities while also allowing them to effectively set their own pace during therapy.  These teaching methods and opportunities also transfer easily to parents and caregivers, making it an ongoing team effort throughout the day.

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